Thursday, February 18, 2016

Our Politics, Our Business

Pope Francis in Mexico

 Pope Francis: Trip To Mexico

Pope Francis made a recent journey to Mexico. There, he gave blessings and spiritual comfort to the faithful. He also went on record with the media in condemning Presidential candidate Donald Trump for his stand on immigration and "the wall," even going so far as to say that because Trump wants to secure our borders with a wall, that he isn't Christian. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have both gone on record lately (although that wasn't their initial stand) with saying they want the borders secure. No one criticized them for their opinion, only Donald Trump.

This Is America, OUR Country

This is OUR country, our safety concerns, our borders, our politics, our business. With all due respect to the Pope, none of those things are his concern. He is a man who resides inside an enclave surrounded by 50-feet walls. He never has to contend with high crime rates or lack of resources in communities. His luxurious surroundings include his own Army and a bevy of servants who provide his every need.

Between God and Trump

I think it's highly improper for anyone to make remarks about whether someone is Christian or not, based solely on what they know of Trump's public life. Only God and Trump know what is in his heart. Mr. Trump has done many good things in his life, including paying off mortgages for families who fell upon hard times. I'm sure you didn't know that because those who are in power and the media who help them, don't want you to know anything good about Trump. What Donald Trump believes and stands for is between God and Trump.


Let's talk about the word "hypocrisy," for a moment. The common definition of that word is the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense, falseness, false virtue, affectation, duplicity, deceit, dishonesty, dissimulation, posturing, insincerity, etc. Mr. Trump does not claim to be perfect, nor does he go about making a show of his Christian virtues. For a man high in any church to say about another man that he is not Christian because he believes in securing our borders is plain hypocrisy on the part of the man living within the kind of walls that the Pope does. So, Pope Francis, "tear down that wall," and let's see how grand you think it is when everyone has access to YOUR home anytime they feel like it.