Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Gifts For A "Live-Alone" Person

Gifts For A "Live-Alone" Person

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A Person Hard To Buy For? ~ Problem Solved!

I have a bachelor uncle who used to present a problem for gift buying in years past. But after taking another look at his interests, likes and dislikes, and making a few discreet questions, I've decided it's not so difficult after all. Just really put some thought into the person you're buying for. Do your snooping into his/her life (nicely now!) and find out what they can use, what they really want, what they actually like. Chances are you'll come up with a whole list of possibilities.



The Keurig

The Keurig K-Cup Home Brewer is an excellent gift for someone living alone, because every cup of coffee or tea is fresh. No more burnt smell or taste from  sitting on a hot plate too long. Not only that but the person receiving this gift can try different flavors whenever they want, without being committed to that flavor for a long time. Keurig puts out a sample pack of flavors for those looking for a favorite. If they already have a Keurig Brewer then send them boxes of K-cups in their favorite flavor. That's something they'll not have to spend money to purchase for themselves.


Food and Goodies


Food and munchies and goodies are always a good choice, taking into account any health problems they have or food restrictions. If your "live-alone" person loves snacks, cookies, sweet treats, and they have no health reason not to have them, get them a gift basket filled to the brim with lots of treats. Or perhaps you bake and send your own cookies. Maybe you can send several dozen so they can freeze them and take out just what they want each day. That way they stay fresh for many months. These go especially well accompanied by the Keurig Brewer.


Who Do You Find Hard to Buy For?


Which "live alone" relative or friend do you find it difficult to buy for? Almost every family seems to have at least one person who fits this description and everybody during a time of giving gifts is wracking their brain as to what to get this person. First of all, they really don't want more knickknacks to dust, so don't buy that bust of Beethoven for the classical music lover (unless that's what they've mentioned they want.) You can always send flowers or a plant, but why not get them something useful and more practical? 


Sometimes Life Causes "Live-Alones"


Life itself often causes someone to become a "live-alone" person.Uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, even a grandparent or Mom or Dad, may find themselves living alone as they grow older and a life-long partner passes away. Every family seems to have at least one person who fits this description and we find it difficult to find gifts for them. Here's a few more things to set you to thinking about the person you're buying for.





Barbecue Basket Gift

Perfect for the person who is Master or Mistress of the Grill, Here are sauces, marinades, utensils, cutting board, wicker tray and some goodies to munch while dinner is grilling. Nobody needs to get another tie or pair of funny socks for Christmas or birthday. When you've done your snooping into their interests, you can tailor the gift to their tastes.





Electric Blanket

When the winter winds blow, it's nice to snuggle down into the warmth of a good electric blanket. If your "tough to buy for" relative is anything like mine, they'd appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gift of an electric blanket. You can find these on Amazon in twin, full, queen, or king size and various colors. 




Hot Dog Roller

Yummm, hamburgers and hotdogs are two of the most cooked meals in a single man or woman's house. Why? Because they're quick, require no pre-planning and they satisfy hunger. Be sure not to gift this to someone who is a vegetarian. The gift won't be appreciated, and you'll have wasted your money, when you could have done something more appropriate. But if they like hamburgers and hotdogs, you'll be thanked profusely for this gift.





Flannel Pajama Lounge Sets

Everyone likes to be comfortable, and these lounging pajamas are sure to be a favorite gift. They come in all sizes, 100% cotton, machine washable, with various plaids, prints and colors. Men's come with crew neck, drawstring pants and handy back pocket. Women's come with drawstring pants, and button down the front tops.




DVD Player and DVDs

If they love movies and don't have a DVD player, get them one. Show them how to use it several times so they are familiar with it. Then provide them with DVDs of their favorite movies or their favorite TV programs.

    "Whether it's in-laws, outlaws or other-laws, every family seems to have one person whom it is impossible to buy an appropriate gift."   -Nancy Hardin


 Amazon Gift Card

If you really can't use any of the ideas on this page, try this: an Amazon gift card in any amount you want beginning at $25. Anyone you find hard to buy for, can buy anything they want with the gift card. (Maybe they don't want you to know they have a secret passion for romance movies or novels!) Amazon Gift Cards are reloadable, so later all you have to do is go to Amazon and put more money on the card. Couldn't be simpler. If your giftee doesn't do internet, then buy them a gift card for a book store if they love books, a clothing store they like, or a restaurant gift card (make sure it's enough for two; nobody likes eating alone in a restaurant.)

Hope these tips helped you to buy for that "live-alone" who is hard to buy for.