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Help Save America's Endangered Wild Horses

Driving Them Into The Chute
A Desperate Flight For Their Lives

This is the story of America's endangered wild horses. You may not know or have even thought of this, but in the states of Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and other states, the Bureau of Land Management conducts a wild horse and burro roundup several times a year. What do they do with them? They take them off the range, pen them up in the sun, rain or snow without shelter and spend your tax dollars feeding and watering them until (A.) they die or (B.) they're sold to someone who makes a profit from their slaughter. Those of us who live in the states where this is done, have seen helicopters flying low enough to touch the backs of their prey. One video has shown a burro deliberately being tipped over with the landing gear of a helicopter. It must have been great fun for the pilot. With this terrifying sound just inches away from them, frantic horses and burros are herded into chutes leading into holding pens. Herds and family groups are broken up, many animals are injured, some even die during this desperate run. The remainder are then kept in the blazing hot sun, fed and watered whenever the keepers get to it, and eventually loaded into trucks and sent to another location. 

Wild Horse Families

Wild horses form their own family units, consisting of a stallion, his mares and their foals and colts. These are now broken up with these roundups, separating the stallions from the mares, and the foals from their mothers. The mares whinny to their foals, the stallions are angered and make loud noises, and fight each other, trying to get to their families to protect them. Once they're taken off the range, they likely will never see each other again. These are the magnificent horses who symbolize the West. These are the horses and burros the Bureau of Land Management likes to "manage," a euphemism for "getting rid of." 

Public Lands Reserved For Paying Ranchers

Why does the BLM do this? It's very simple...the public lands are wanted by the ranchers for their cattle, they certainly don't want to share any forage or water with wild horses and burros that earn them nothing. Cattle ranchers have a powerful lobby in politics and that power causes their word to carry enough weight to remove the animals that are taking "their" public land forage. Are there politicians who are on the "take" from these cattle lobbies. Most probably there are. After all, wild horses and burros are a nuisance and getting rid of them is a government representative's duty. I'm sure they figure if they make a little money doing it, so much the better. These are supposedly the PEOPLE'S representatives. I beg to differ, they don't represent me and lots of other people who think what they're doing is cruel and inhumane.

I Only Have A Voice And A Forum

I live in the city and have no land or resources to help these wild horses, but I have a voice and a forum here and I intend to use it. It is my hope that through this story, some of you will be inspired to speak up about the deliberate, systematic extinction of our wild horse herds. So now I'm asking, will you speak up to save the life of an intelligent, courageous animal? Well, read on, and maybe you will come to that conclusion.

These Horses Are Being Willfully Exterminated

The book below came from people who have followed and been part of the fight to save these beautiful horses from extinction. The story is to help people understand what is happening every day, and what the eventual outcome will be. If you care about the plight of these great animals, please get the complete story here from the people who are living it right now.

Injuries and Deaths Are Common

Many are terribly injured as they are fleeing the helicopters. Foals are separated from their mothers and some fall behind and die along the way from dehydration, exhaustion or injuries. Older horses also suffer and die. During their desperate run for freedom, as many as 80 horses have died in one herd. Once they are contained, the stallions fight each other because they have been separated from their own herd and put in with other stallions. They're desperate to get free. Sometimes stallions break their necks trying to get through the metal fences to their families to protect them. Is this the way to treat these magnificent animals? It's shameful that we can allow this to happen in this country.

BLM Claims The Horses Are Starving.

BLM says the horses are starving on the range. Whenever there is television coverage of the helicopter chase of these gorgeous animals, there's not one in the group that looks emaciated. The emaciation comes later, after they've been caged for a time. If you were hunted down, run nearly to death from exhaustion, and put in a pen with people you don't know, would you have an appetite?

They're also restricted from access to water in many places. The ranchers in Nevada on United States government owned lands have been known to fence off water sources so the horses cannot get to them, opening them for their cattle to drink and then closing them again. Horses have been shot down and nobody gets punished because there's "no evidence" as to who did it.

What Happens To These Horses?
  After the horses are kept for some time in these pens, they are auctioned off. The people who "adopt" them may, or may not, be people who care about them. They are supposed to keep them for at least two years, but does anyone check up on these "adopted" horses? Of course not, so some of them are sold for slaughter because it makes the seller a nice piece of change. Horse meat is a very popular food in other countries. What an ignominious end for a magnificent, courageous animal.

The Irony of The Nevada State Quarter

Nevada's state quarter, issued in 2006, features wild horses, which the State is currently eliminating.

In a few more years, they will be as extinct as the dinosaurs, and the only way anyone will see them is on this quarter, in books, on videos.

What Do Americans Want?

Is this really what America more wild horses or burros? I don't believe it is. Write to your congressman, your senator, or even the President himself if you believe we have a right to keep our wild horses. Please, if you have a care for these brave animals, write today, while there is still time.

Links for more information

Below you will find a link to the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971.

I've also included a link to the BLM which will give information regarding possible adoption of these horses or burros.

 The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 (Public Law 92-195)
    This is the law that was enacted in 1971 which specifically says "That Congress finds and declares that wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West; that they contribute to the diversity of li
 George Knapp of Las Vegas' 8NewsNow tells of a roundup of wild horses and burros in Nevada. 
 George Knapp has been a solid supporter of wild horses.

Horse Adoption Information   
This is a link to horse adoption information through the Bureau of Land Management. Kill buyers need not apply!

Saving America's Wild Horses
A website devoted to saving and preserving America's wild horse herds.

Wild Hoofbeats: 
News, alerts and information about America's wild horses.

Preserving and saving America's Wild Horses How You Can Help.

I ask you to write to your government representatives at the links listed below, and to support these wild horse preservation organizations I've put here. America's wild horses need your help before it's too late.

    House of Representatives
    Write to the United States House of Representatives
    United States Senate
    Write to the United States Senate
    The United States of America White House
    Write to the President of the United States
    The Cloud Foundation
    Wild Horse Preservation

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