Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Up In The Air For Valentine's Day

What Wonders Are Seen
From Up In The Air on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a special day for lovers, who often give each other gifts to signify their love. But what if you had an opportunity to give a unique gift, one that was more than a box of chocolates or flowers? And what if you're proposing on Valentine's Day and want it to be extra special? Here's a suggestion for a spectacular gift; a hot air balloon ride.

This Is What Makes This Gift Unique

Floating along over the countryside is a mesmerizing, beautifully romantic experience neither of you will ever forget. It's quiet and peaceful up in the air with no noise and nobody there except you, your sweetheart and the balloonist (if you have arranged a private flight.) If he's a good balloonist, he only interacts with the two of you as much as you wish. Don't be afraid to ask him to allow you private time. In other words, he is selectively deaf and blind, seeing only what he needs to see to pilot the balloon. So if you want to propose on Valentine's Day, and give each other  romantic movie kisses, it will be just as though you are alone. 

Balloon Rides Are Available
In Almost Every U. S. State 
And Many Other Countries

You can find websites for hot air balloon rides in almost every state in America. There are also balloon rides in Europe and you can find them by simply searching online for hot air balloon rides in the country where you are or will be. You'll be surprised to find they're not just found in the perennially sunny areas. Many of the finest photographs of Autumn colors and winter scenes in the United States and other countries are taken from a hot air balloon.

Here are a few links for hot air balloon companies in the U.S

East Coast:
East Coast Balloon Adventures

Midwest Balloon Rides

Florida Balloon Rides

The Hot Air Balloon Company 

New Mexico
New Mexico Balloon Rides

Las Vegas Hot Air Balloon Rides

If you are looking for a balloon ride in another state, simply do an online search for: "State Name, balloon rides."
Payment Arrangements May Be Negotiable

Most purveyors of hot air balloon rides will accept a non-refundable deposit, with the remainder paid on the day of the flight. This makes it a bit easier on the wallet, since it isn't all "out of pocket" the same day. One caveat: remember that term "un-refundable," because if for any reason, you cannot honor the date, the deposit will not be refunded. But heck, if you're thinking of doing this, why would you un-think it?  

The fee may also vary, depending on what type of flight you are taking. A longer, more elaborate flight will certainly cost more. And if you add in champagne or hors d'oeuvres, you can expect a higher rate.

Are You Up in the air for Valentine's Day 
Or Is It Just Because You Became Engaged?

What better or more romantic setting could you ask for? If you propose while you're in a hot air balloon, you may both feel as though you're "walking on air." There's even room enough for you to get down on one knee to propose to your sweetheart. Think about the wonderful day in the future, when you're telling your kids and grandkids about where and how you proposed. Be ready with that ring during the flight. Here's a gorgeous one available from Amazon if you're looking to buy.

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Links For Balloon Rides in Europe

Here are links for Balloon Rides in England, Scotland and Ireland. If you are looking for hot air balloon rides in other countries, just search online for: Name of country, balloon rides, or hot air balloons. 

Virgin Balloon Flights

Alba Ballooning 

Irish Balloon Flights

Just For Fun,  Let's Have A Look At
Some Unusual Looking Hot Air Balloons

A Final Idea

Here's another idea; if it's not the day to propose, give her a romantic gift to remember the day, such as a hot air balloon themed necklace, earrings, bracelet, or charm. If you're a lady who is gifting your sweetheart, there are hot air balloon cufflinks. A remembrance of the beautiful experience will have her or him always thinking of you, year after year, every time they wear the piece of jewelry.