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The Temptations: Soul, Flash and Style

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The Temptations - How It All Began

In the 1960s and 70s, musical groups became a major feature both on recordings and public appearances. We couldn't get enough of rock 'n roll, and some musical stars. For many of us, there was no finer group onstage or on record than The Temptations. Their music and performances were sold out wherever they appeared. They were as exciting to watch as they were to hear.

Motown Records and Berry Gordy.

As Motown Records, headed by Berry Gordy, began to become a major player on the music, members of two rival groups, The Distants and The Primes came together and formed a group called The Elgins, to record for Motown. Later it was found that there was already a group known by that name, so they needed to find a new one. In the end, they finally settled on The Temptations. The original founding members were: Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin, Elbridge "Al" Bryant, and Otis Williams. Williams is the only original member still alive at this writing.

The Temptations: Style, Flash and Soul

The act was tailor-made for the era. An act had to do more than just stand and sing by this time, and The Temptations had it all, style, flash, soul and the moves to capture and hold an audience's attention. The five member group had an act with synchronized, choreographed movements, the first style many groups began to emulate. But there was only ONE Temptations and the audience knew it.


First Major Hit For The Temptations

In 1964, the great Smokey Robinson wrote and produced a song called "The Way You Do The Things You Do," The Temptations recorded it and it became their first major hit. But they weren't one-hit wonders, the hits kept coming: "My Girl," "Ain't Too Proud To Beg," "I Wish It Would Rain," "Beauty's Only Skin Deep," "Cloud Nine," "Can't Get Next To You" and "Papa Was A Rolling Stone," among many others. 

Those years are gone, the Temptations keep on.

Although the 60s are over, The Temptations just keep on going. It's true that over the years there have been many changes in the lineup, but they seem to reincarnate themselves year after year. And we all keep coming back for more. Their combination of style, flash and soul has captured our hearts and we'll be there for them as long as they are there for us.

Among 500 Songs That Shaped Rock 'n Roll.

Inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that shaped rock 'n roll, are three, yes THREE, of The Temptations' most popular songs. They are: "My Girl," "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)" and "Papa Was A Rolling Stone." The Temptations are ranked at number 68 on The Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time.

A "Must Have" For A Collection

If you love music from the 60s and 70s, The Temptations are a "must have," because they were icons of that time. Many of the songs on these records are among the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll. You can't have a complete collection of Rock 'n Roll without the recordings by the great Temptations.

Temptations Trivia

In 1989 The Temptations were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In 1998 the history of The Temptations was turned into a TV two-part mini-series, and was nominated for five Emmy awards. It won for Best Direction.

A blend of Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Funk, Doo-Wop and Rock and Roll insures The Temptations popularity with a wide range of audiences even today.

The group was the first Motown group to win a Grammy.

In 2013 The Temptations received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

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