Wednesday, January 14, 2015

All Occasion Food Carriers


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All Occasion Food Carriers

Going to a family celebration? Bringing your famous Baked Beans or your fabulous Chocolate Cherry Cake? What about that Slow Cooker full of Italian Beef? Need an insulated food carrier? Of course you do.

When there's a family celebration, reunion or picnic, and you're supposed to bring your specialty casserole or slow cooker recipe to share, how can you get it there without spilling? Or for that matter how can you keep it hot or cold as it needs to be? Or maybe it's that special gooey cake you turn out every year for the group, only to find out when you get it there it's not as pretty as it was when you left. Sure, it still tastes good, but people also "eat with their eyes." If it looks too messy, they may not try it at all. What can you do? Here's the solution. Put the casserole into an insulated carrier, so even if it's hot, nobody gets burned, the food stays in the dish and everybody's happy. Put the slow cooker into a carrier, so if it spills, it's easy to wash the carrier. Buy a cake carrier that has handles, so it doesn't slip from someone's grasp on the way. Small things it's true, but they become big things when they happen. For the amount of time and effort you've spent to make these luscious dishes, why not present them at the peak of their goodness?

I Learned Too Late !

Years ago, a co-worker had given me a recipe for Italian Beef made in a slow cooker and I tried it out. It was a delicious dish and my family loved it. Some months later, a friend had a gathering where we all brought a dish. I felt proud that I could tell her I'd bring the recipe I'd just learned for slow cooker Italian Beef. Came the day of the event, the beef was cooked to perfection. With hot pads I picked the lidded cooker up, along with the base, and set it in my front floorboard passenger side of my car. I figured I'd take it in the pot it was cooked in, and just plug it in to heat when I got to the party. All was well as I was tooling down the street on a beautiful day, anticipating how well this food was going to be received. 

EEEK! In An Instant!

Suddenly the car in front of me stopped dead, forcing me to slam on the brakes. The slow cooker did a swan dive off the base, and its entire contents of Italian Beef spilled all over the floorboard. If you've ever eaten Italian Beef, you can just imagine how the car reeked to high heaven. Fortunately, there was no collision, and no one was hurt. After a few choice words, I watched as he sat there and looked around. I realized he had no idea where he was going so he had just ....stopped!... to check out his surroundings.... right in the middle of a busy street! I wanted to take him by the ear, bring him to my car and rub his nose in the floorboard of Italian Beef. Instead, I managed to control myself and went around him and continued on to the party, where, sadly we had no Italian Beef.

Now I  Always Use A Carrier

For weeks, I lived with the odor of pungent Italian Beef in my car. I used everything I could think of to deodorize the atmosphere, including a baking soda solution. It helped but, the smell still lingered on for some time. So take it from me, better be safe than sorry....put your crock pot or slow cooker in a carrier. If it spills there,  you can wash and deodorize it much easier than the floorboard of a car. I can certainly vouch for that.

Make Your Cake Worth Waiting For

Cakes are sometimes a difficult item to carry to another location, especially if it's a layer cake or cupcakes. A sheet cake on the other hand, is easier to transport without damage, but still needs coverage. I've used the Progressive International Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier and can vouch for its convenience and stability during transport. I also own one of the Tupperware Cake Takers and it has been used by my family for years.

The Moral To This Story?

Buy whatever it takes to get your food safely and still warm or cold, to any get together you're attending. It's definitely worth it!