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Kill Buyers: Avarice and Inhumanity

Photo Courtesy Candy Dorsey
Taken in Dolan Springs, Arizona

Like most Americans, I love horses and burros. They've helped humans since time immemorial. We used them to settle the wild west. We used them to carry our goods from place to place. We used them to fight the second World War. Amazingly, they were even used in Afghanistan after September 11, 2001. Burros and mules were used to settle parts of Alaska and help the miners who were prospecting for gold. Currently, they're used today in an entirely new field, as therapy animals for people trying to regain their physical and mental lives. Horses are an integral part of our lives and an American icon. The majority of us look at them as beautiful, magnificent animals. Why then, is there a controversy about wild horses on the range? Where do they think the pool from which we draw more horses comes? Not every horse in existence has been born and raised as a tame horse. Some wild ones have been tamed and brought in for new bloodlines.


The controversy stems from the part of the human soul no one wants to admit or talk about. Pure and simple, it's greed. Greed in ranchers who want all the range for increasing the size of their cattle herds and their money. Greed in the "kill buyers," who found a lucrative market in selling horses to be butchered. Greed in the politicians, who keep their offices by ignoring the cruel round ups and the killing of these animals. It's true that no one knows at the present time how many politicians are in the pockets of the cattle industry. But ask yourself this: If they aren't, then why does every vote on saving the wild horses and keeping them free result in favor of the cattlemen?


Researching information for this article, I was shocked to find, online, a list of over 50 known United States  "kill buyers."  I'm certain there are many more who aren't on the list. There was also a much shorter list of Canadian kill buyers. What does the term "kill buyer," mean? Just what it says. These are people who purchase horses at auction for the purpose of shipping them to slaughter. They make their profit from a slaughter house where they are paid per pound for the horse meat. Any horse will do, wild, domestic, old, young, it doesn't matter as long as they can pocket the cash. They load these horses, packed like sardines, into a semi-trailer and ship them to Mexico or Canada for slaughter. This is because there are no legal slaughterhouses here in the United States. The last one that  opened in New Mexico has been in litigation because the American people don't want horses slaughtered. However, it is still a possibility in the future. The courts are notorious for being "cattle" people.


At the present time, there are over 50,000 wild horses the Federal government has seen fit to imprison in pens. They can no longer run joyously free with their family. They can't even know what happens to the rest of their family, because they're separated from them. Stallions are penned with stallions, mares with mares, and foals and colts are taken from their mother. If you could be close by when all this happens and hear the piteous cries of the babies, and the frantic sounds of the mares trying to reassure them, it would break your heart. And if you have any knowledge at all about horses and the way their minds work, you'd know that stallions being penned together is nothing but a brutal battle among them.


Who do you think? You do...with your taxes of course! It costs us money to imprison these wild horses, that we don't want imprisoned! The United States is the largest cattle producer in the world, but even with that, they want more and consider the meager herds of horses a threat to the welfare of their livestock.

TODAY: JANUARY 31, 2015 

On this day, the final 180 horses are removed from the Humboldt Range, a rugged section of Nevada that has numerous watering holes. But it's not only in Nevada where these roundups are happening. Every state that has even one wild horse on its range is subject to a helicopter roundup. If you'd like to read more about this particular place try this link for the Humboldt Range


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The Temptations: Soul, Flash and Style

Photo Courtesy Amazon
From An Album Available For Purchase On This Page

The Temptations - How It All Began

In the 1960s and 70s, musical groups became a major feature both on recordings and public appearances. We couldn't get enough of rock 'n roll, and some musical stars. For many of us, there was no finer group onstage or on record than The Temptations. Their music and performances were sold out wherever they appeared. They were as exciting to watch as they were to hear.

Motown Records and Berry Gordy.

As Motown Records, headed by Berry Gordy, began to become a major player on the music, members of two rival groups, The Distants and The Primes came together and formed a group called The Elgins, to record for Motown. Later it was found that there was already a group known by that name, so they needed to find a new one. In the end, they finally settled on The Temptations. The original founding members were: Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin, Elbridge "Al" Bryant, and Otis Williams. Williams is the only original member still alive at this writing.

The Temptations: Style, Flash and Soul

The act was tailor-made for the era. An act had to do more than just stand and sing by this time, and The Temptations had it all, style, flash, soul and the moves to capture and hold an audience's attention. The five member group had an act with synchronized, choreographed movements, the first style many groups began to emulate. But there was only ONE Temptations and the audience knew it.


First Major Hit For The Temptations

In 1964, the great Smokey Robinson wrote and produced a song called "The Way You Do The Things You Do," The Temptations recorded it and it became their first major hit. But they weren't one-hit wonders, the hits kept coming: "My Girl," "Ain't Too Proud To Beg," "I Wish It Would Rain," "Beauty's Only Skin Deep," "Cloud Nine," "Can't Get Next To You" and "Papa Was A Rolling Stone," among many others. 

Those years are gone, the Temptations keep on.

Although the 60s are over, The Temptations just keep on going. It's true that over the years there have been many changes in the lineup, but they seem to reincarnate themselves year after year. And we all keep coming back for more. Their combination of style, flash and soul has captured our hearts and we'll be there for them as long as they are there for us.

Among 500 Songs That Shaped Rock 'n Roll.

Inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that shaped rock 'n roll, are three, yes THREE, of The Temptations' most popular songs. They are: "My Girl," "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)" and "Papa Was A Rolling Stone." The Temptations are ranked at number 68 on The Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time.

A "Must Have" For A Collection

If you love music from the 60s and 70s, The Temptations are a "must have," because they were icons of that time. Many of the songs on these records are among the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll. You can't have a complete collection of Rock 'n Roll without the recordings by the great Temptations.

Temptations Trivia

In 1989 The Temptations were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In 1998 the history of The Temptations was turned into a TV two-part mini-series, and was nominated for five Emmy awards. It won for Best Direction.

A blend of Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Funk, Doo-Wop and Rock and Roll insures The Temptations popularity with a wide range of audiences even today.

The group was the first Motown group to win a Grammy.

In 2013 The Temptations received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Temptations Music Available Here From Amazon

The Temptations Miniseries Available Here

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Where's The Lawful Protection For Wild Horses?

Were We Smarter In 1971, 
or Just Less Greedy?

Congress enacted Public Law 92-195 in 1971 that stated unequivocally that wild, free-roaming horses and burros "are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the west; that they contribute to the diversity of life forms within the nation and enrich the lives of the American people; and that these horses and burros are fast disappearing from the American scene. It is the policy of the Congress that wild and free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death; and to accomplish this they are to be considered in the area where presently found, as an integral part of the natural system of the public lands." The area in quotations is a direct quote from that law. So, the question is: Were we smarter in 1971, or just less greedy?

The Soul Of A Horse:
Life Lessons From The Herd

Author Joe Camp tells his story of how he learned to speak "horse." Camp is a writer, producer and director who brought us the famous stories of a dog named Benji. Now he tells us about a revelation he discovered about horses, in The Soul of A Horse. Only one of many books he has written about his relationship with horses, Joe is also a passionate advocate for all animals.

 Wild Horses Don't Belong In Cages

These Roundups Have 
Gone On For Years

Maybe there are people out there reading this now, who do not know that these "living symbols," are slowly being removed from the range. It's hard for me to believe that some folks just don't care, but perhaps there are some. Not only are the wild horses and burros being removed systematically, but they are chased by helicopters to exhaustion into pens, where they are then loaded onto big trucks and taken to more holding pens. What happens to them then could be a number of things. They're put up for adoption at auction and a few get a good home. Not many are this lucky. Some are sold to known "kill buyers," who then ship them out of the country to slaughter houses. It's how they make their  M.O.N.E.Y.  These animals are kept in the pen, in the hot sun, or pouring rain or snow, no trees or shelter. They're fed and watered at the whim of whoever is "managing" them at the moment. If, for some reason they don't get to it that day, they aren't fed or watered. If they were in the wild, they'd find something to eat and some water hole or puddle to drink from. But they're held captive, dependent upon the "goodness" of someone who helped put them in the cage where they now live.

Horses and Burros 
Are Considered Nuisances

The cattle ranchers consider them nuisances, because they are on the PUBLIC (please pay attention to that word) lands that the ranchers want for their cattle. Public lands are supposed to belong to the public. These roundups, done in this exact same manner have been going on for years. In recent times, many individuals and groups have begun to see that we are losing a part of our history and heritage, because horses and burros are being indiscriminately eliminated, purposely and with the full intention of getting rid of them.

You Can't Take Me!

Burros Shipped To Another Country

Recently a large group of burros were rounded up and sent to Guadalajara to work the mines. Their life span is limited by the hard labor and ill treatment they will receive. They will be worked to death and starved each day. They are dispensable in the eyes of those who care nothing about their survival, there are always more shipped to them from the United States to replace those who collapse while carrying heavy ore out of the mines.

Roundups: Horses and Burros Are Separated From Their Families

When they're driven into the chutes with the helicopters buzzing overhead, they are "funneled" with makeshift chutes into holding pens. Stallions are loaded in together, Mares are put in separate pens, and foals are separated from their mothers. During all this, if you're there, you can hear their cries to their "families." Foals whinny and cry for Mama, Mama is frantically calling to them trying to reassure them. Stallions are not used to being lumped in with other males of mating age, and they turn on each other. Some of these magnificent animals have broken their necks trying to get through the iron pens to their families. It is the nature of the male horse or burro to protect their own. Foals are often trampled to death or die from the exhaustion of running for their lives, during their frantic flight from the helicopters. Anyone with a heart not made of stone, would have pity on these horses and burros and let them go free. But that's not going to happen here. Why not? Read on.....

Do You Believe There's A Conspiracy
To Discredit Wild Horses and Burros
As Being A Detriment To The Land?

Read About The Wild Horse Conspiracy

Author Craig Downer, an Ecologist, defends the horses and burros of the plains, saying that they have helped us through centuries and are being falsely held responsible for the destruction of the land. He believes they are true restorers of the land and have been "unfairly targeted for elimination." A dramatic revelation about their actual worth to the ecology and to people.

How Concerned Are You?
Would You Make An Effort 
To Save Them?

Would you be willing to tell your Senator or Congressional Representative about your concern for our nation's wild horses and burros? If so, I urge you to write to your Congressman or Congresswoman, or your State Senator and ask them to please stop the roundups and stop the killing. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on the following options, or whatever you think on this subject.

    Yes I have no problem doing that.

    Yes I will write and express my feelings.
    Yes I already have but received no help on the matter.

    Yes I'll let the government know I stand against roundups.
    No I won't do that because the government is right.
    No I won't because these horses are a nuisance.
    No I don't like to get involved in these things.
    No, I'm in favor of the cattle having all the land.

I hope you will see the grace and beauty that I see in these animals. They took us where we wanted to go when there were no cars, they helped us to win a war, and they've been companions in our lives. Without the wild herds, the horse population can't survive. Please do whatever you can to help them live.

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Up In The Air For Valentine's Day

What Wonders Are Seen
From Up In The Air on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a special day for lovers, who often give each other gifts to signify their love. But what if you had an opportunity to give a unique gift, one that was more than a box of chocolates or flowers? And what if you're proposing on Valentine's Day and want it to be extra special? Here's a suggestion for a spectacular gift; a hot air balloon ride.

This Is What Makes This Gift Unique

Floating along over the countryside is a mesmerizing, beautifully romantic experience neither of you will ever forget. It's quiet and peaceful up in the air with no noise and nobody there except you, your sweetheart and the balloonist (if you have arranged a private flight.) If he's a good balloonist, he only interacts with the two of you as much as you wish. Don't be afraid to ask him to allow you private time. In other words, he is selectively deaf and blind, seeing only what he needs to see to pilot the balloon. So if you want to propose on Valentine's Day, and give each other  romantic movie kisses, it will be just as though you are alone. 

Balloon Rides Are Available
In Almost Every U. S. State 
And Many Other Countries

You can find websites for hot air balloon rides in almost every state in America. There are also balloon rides in Europe and you can find them by simply searching online for hot air balloon rides in the country where you are or will be. You'll be surprised to find they're not just found in the perennially sunny areas. Many of the finest photographs of Autumn colors and winter scenes in the United States and other countries are taken from a hot air balloon.

Here are a few links for hot air balloon companies in the U.S

East Coast:
East Coast Balloon Adventures

Midwest Balloon Rides

Florida Balloon Rides

The Hot Air Balloon Company 

New Mexico
New Mexico Balloon Rides

Las Vegas Hot Air Balloon Rides

If you are looking for a balloon ride in another state, simply do an online search for: "State Name, balloon rides."
Payment Arrangements May Be Negotiable

Most purveyors of hot air balloon rides will accept a non-refundable deposit, with the remainder paid on the day of the flight. This makes it a bit easier on the wallet, since it isn't all "out of pocket" the same day. One caveat: remember that term "un-refundable," because if for any reason, you cannot honor the date, the deposit will not be refunded. But heck, if you're thinking of doing this, why would you un-think it?  

The fee may also vary, depending on what type of flight you are taking. A longer, more elaborate flight will certainly cost more. And if you add in champagne or hors d'oeuvres, you can expect a higher rate.

Are You Up in the air for Valentine's Day 
Or Is It Just Because You Became Engaged?

What better or more romantic setting could you ask for? If you propose while you're in a hot air balloon, you may both feel as though you're "walking on air." There's even room enough for you to get down on one knee to propose to your sweetheart. Think about the wonderful day in the future, when you're telling your kids and grandkids about where and how you proposed. Be ready with that ring during the flight. Here's a gorgeous one available from Amazon if you're looking to buy.

 1.10CT Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring Set 10K White Gold

Links For Balloon Rides in Europe

Here are links for Balloon Rides in England, Scotland and Ireland. If you are looking for hot air balloon rides in other countries, just search online for: Name of country, balloon rides, or hot air balloons. 

Virgin Balloon Flights

Alba Ballooning 

Irish Balloon Flights

Just For Fun,  Let's Have A Look At
Some Unusual Looking Hot Air Balloons

A Final Idea

Here's another idea; if it's not the day to propose, give her a romantic gift to remember the day, such as a hot air balloon themed necklace, earrings, bracelet, or charm. If you're a lady who is gifting your sweetheart, there are hot air balloon cufflinks. A remembrance of the beautiful experience will have her or him always thinking of you, year after year, every time they wear the piece of jewelry.

All Occasion Food Carriers


Photo Courtesy of Amazon

All Occasion Food Carriers

Going to a family celebration? Bringing your famous Baked Beans or your fabulous Chocolate Cherry Cake? What about that Slow Cooker full of Italian Beef? Need an insulated food carrier? Of course you do.

When there's a family celebration, reunion or picnic, and you're supposed to bring your specialty casserole or slow cooker recipe to share, how can you get it there without spilling? Or for that matter how can you keep it hot or cold as it needs to be? Or maybe it's that special gooey cake you turn out every year for the group, only to find out when you get it there it's not as pretty as it was when you left. Sure, it still tastes good, but people also "eat with their eyes." If it looks too messy, they may not try it at all. What can you do? Here's the solution. Put the casserole into an insulated carrier, so even if it's hot, nobody gets burned, the food stays in the dish and everybody's happy. Put the slow cooker into a carrier, so if it spills, it's easy to wash the carrier. Buy a cake carrier that has handles, so it doesn't slip from someone's grasp on the way. Small things it's true, but they become big things when they happen. For the amount of time and effort you've spent to make these luscious dishes, why not present them at the peak of their goodness?

I Learned Too Late !

Years ago, a co-worker had given me a recipe for Italian Beef made in a slow cooker and I tried it out. It was a delicious dish and my family loved it. Some months later, a friend had a gathering where we all brought a dish. I felt proud that I could tell her I'd bring the recipe I'd just learned for slow cooker Italian Beef. Came the day of the event, the beef was cooked to perfection. With hot pads I picked the lidded cooker up, along with the base, and set it in my front floorboard passenger side of my car. I figured I'd take it in the pot it was cooked in, and just plug it in to heat when I got to the party. All was well as I was tooling down the street on a beautiful day, anticipating how well this food was going to be received. 

EEEK! In An Instant!

Suddenly the car in front of me stopped dead, forcing me to slam on the brakes. The slow cooker did a swan dive off the base, and its entire contents of Italian Beef spilled all over the floorboard. If you've ever eaten Italian Beef, you can just imagine how the car reeked to high heaven. Fortunately, there was no collision, and no one was hurt. After a few choice words, I watched as he sat there and looked around. I realized he had no idea where he was going so he had just ....stopped!... to check out his surroundings.... right in the middle of a busy street! I wanted to take him by the ear, bring him to my car and rub his nose in the floorboard of Italian Beef. Instead, I managed to control myself and went around him and continued on to the party, where, sadly we had no Italian Beef.

Now I  Always Use A Carrier

For weeks, I lived with the odor of pungent Italian Beef in my car. I used everything I could think of to deodorize the atmosphere, including a baking soda solution. It helped but, the smell still lingered on for some time. So take it from me, better be safe than sorry....put your crock pot or slow cooker in a carrier. If it spills there,  you can wash and deodorize it much easier than the floorboard of a car. I can certainly vouch for that.

Make Your Cake Worth Waiting For

Cakes are sometimes a difficult item to carry to another location, especially if it's a layer cake or cupcakes. A sheet cake on the other hand, is easier to transport without damage, but still needs coverage. I've used the Progressive International Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier and can vouch for its convenience and stability during transport. I also own one of the Tupperware Cake Takers and it has been used by my family for years.

The Moral To This Story?

Buy whatever it takes to get your food safely and still warm or cold, to any get together you're attending. It's definitely worth it! 

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Laurel and Hardy and The Cuckoo Dance!


Over 50 years after the deaths of both actors Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel, their favorite  National Cuckoo Dancing Week is a silly celebration from January 11th through the 17th, celebrating the famous comedic duo and their theme song "The Cuckoo Dance." Their theme song played during the credits at the opening and during the closing of the film. It was so well established as their signature tune, that the moment the audience heard it, they began to laugh before either of the funny men appeared on the screen.They knew they were in for another hilarious romp with these two zany funsters. Marvin Hatley, the musical director at Hal Roach Studios, where most of Laurel and Hardy films were made, created "The Dance of the Cuckoos" theme, copyrighted as  "KuKu." 

Fun At The Movies

My mom and dad always took me to see Laurel and Hardy movies, because they knew I loved them so much. They were hilarious and had the entire audience roaring with laughter. Oliver Hardy was the round one, and Stan Laurel was the skinny one. Each of them had their own little "pieces of business" that they did onscreen, including Hardy's flipping his tie and saying, "Well that's another fine mess you've got me into," to Laurel's taking off his bowler hat, scratching the top of his head, and seeming to be crying. Together they delighted audiences, old and young, worldwide. A Laurel and Hardy film was always a sellout at any movie theater.
Englishman and American Worked So Well Together

Stan Laurel was an Englishman, and Oliver Hardy was an American. They officially became a team in 1927 and kept at it until the 1950s, when they retired. They were a "triple threat" in that they first appeared in over 30 short silent films, then 40 short sound films, and progressed to 23 feature films. Audiences always knew they were in for some laughs and a good time. The duo "played off" of each other so well, that they almost seemed spontaneous, rather than scripted.

 "That's another fine mess you've got me into." ~ Oliver Hardy

"I was dreaming I was awake - then I woke up and found meself asleep!" ~ Stan Laurel

 The famous pair doing the Cuckoo Dance.

The End - of Oliver and Hardy

Oliver Hardy

Movies at the time of Laurel and Hardy always closed with "The End" on the screen. The end came for Oliver Hardy on August 7, 1957, when he died of a stroke. Although he was the rotund one of the team, he had lost over 100 pounds under doctor's orders, trying to improve his health. It's been said that he weighed less than 140 pounds at the time of his death. He is buried at Valhalla North Park, Hollywood, California.

Stan Laurel

Laurel became somewhat of a recluse after Hardy's death. He refused to appear onscreen, even though he was offered several film roles. He died on February 23, 1965 of a heart attack and was buried in Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California.

Celebrate and remember these two comedic icons between January 11 through the 17. Watch their films, do their dance, whatever zany thing you can imitate that they did. Though they are gone, we will never forget them and the laughter they brought to us.

More Cuckoo Dancing and Laurel and Hardy Information.

    Laurel and Hardy Museum UK
    Laurel and Hardy Places to Visit

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Happy Birthday Elvis, RIP Joe Guercio

In the years between 1971 and 1977, Elvis Presley entered the stage to the fanfare of sprach Zarathustra, otherwise known as the movie theme from Space Odyssey 2001. Elvis collaborated with his conductor and musical director Joe Guercio on using the piece for his entrance. The movement was entitled "Sunrise" by the composer, Richard Strauss, but we only knew it as ELVIS! When we heard it, Elvis was moments from taking the stage for one of his marvelous performances. The video below is the sound he entered with, and the build up of tension and anticipation in the showroom was enough to take your breath. Well, at least if you were a woman. I think guys just tolerated him because their woman insisted on it.

Music From sprach Zarathustra
as performed in Space Odyssey 2001

Elvis! Live and In Person

One balmy evening in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1972, I entered the packed Las Vegas International Hotel (formerly the Hilton) and made my way to the showroom. I was excitedly awaiting a chance to see my idol perform. I couldn't believe I would actually be in the same room where he was. couldn't really call it a room, it was a theater and it was filled with men trying to calm screaming women. After all, for the next moments, these men were merely escorts. The main attraction was moments away from entering, and every woman's eye was on the wing of the stage where he was expected to make his entrance. Hearts were beating fast, some women seemed as though they were about to faint. I'm sure the ones up close to the stage were nearly overcome with emotion. I wouldn't know, because my pocketbook was far too skinny to afford anything but the balcony. I call it the "nosebleed section," because it was so high up, I felt like my head was about to explode. But no matter, I was THERE and I intended to see my beloved in person! Here's the way he began...of course with the Space Odyssey theme, and, just play the video!

Elvis doing what he does best!
Firing up every woman in the room!

Thought I'd Fall Out of The Balcony

When those opening notes sounded I leaned as far forward as I could get without falling out of the balcony. I wanted to see every beautiful, dynamic inch of this man. After all, I'd been in love with him since the 1950s, and my passion hadn't dimmed over all the years in between. His figure in the spotlight was small, but my heart swelled with love, so I tolerated the fact that I couldn't really see him very well. Still...I sure loved the way he moved, and I could see how he would grin every once in a while. And when he leaned down, took one of his scarves from his neck and handed it to a lady in the front row, I envied her to my very soul. If you could have asked them, there were thousands of other women there who would have confessed to feeling the same way.

The music industry and the world is the poorer for his passing, but so much richer for his having been here.

Fast forward to 2014 and it's January 6th. Elvis died on August 16th, 1977. His birthday was January 8th. Sorrow and memories came flooding back when I realized we were approaching the day he entered the world. I remembered the heartache and emptiness I felt when he left us. I mourned as if someone in my family has passed away.

Then today, in the news was the announcement that Joe Guercio, his musical director, conductor and friend had passed away. Somehow it seems fitting that Joe left in the same month as Elvis. Happy Birthday Elvis, RIP Joe Guercio. I hope you're having fun together.

Monday, January 5, 2015

How Do Newspapers Make Money?

Before I began writing online, I wrote feature articles for a local newspaper. Some of them were on local businesses, a couple were guest columns, and one I remember in particular was on the local "Mother of the Year,"which was a fun story. But my newspaper work began years before as a secretary in the Circulation Department. It was dull, boring and routine. The one thing it gave me was basic knowledge of how a newspaper works and its sources of revenue.

Newspapers Make Money From Advertisers

Advertisers make up the biggest revenue a newspaper receives. People or companies pay for advertising in the paper in "display" or "classified" ads. Display ads are the big ones you see with pictures, photos, throughout the paper. They are the most expensive, a full-page ad can run hundreds of dollars. Classified ads are a separate section of line ads within the paper, of various items for sale; houses, cars, musical instruments, yard sale ads, and legal notices, etc. They are the cheapest of ads, but because of that, there is a greater quantity of them than display ads.

The author in the 1980s
at her desk at the paper.

Another Source Of Revenue

Yet another source of revenue for a newspaper is "inserts." These can range from one page to several pages, inserted (hence the name) into the paper after it is printed. Inserts are pre-printed and supplied to the paper by the advertiser. If they supply 30,000 and the circulation of the paper is 50,000, of course there aren't enough to go around. This is why the newspaper you receive could be lacking an insert. Another thing that could prevent your receiving an insert is that they are put into each paper by machine. Sometimes, as they go through the machine, they slip and slide, causing more than one to be put into a paper. Of course, this creates a shortage of them for the rest of the newspaper run.

The Least Source Of Newspaper Revenue

Subscribers are the least source of newspaper revenue, but that doesn't mean they're the least important. An example of their importance is that one of the jobs in the Circulation Department was taking complaint calls after the morning delivery, and routing those calls to the correct carrier for re-delivery. We also kept track of how many of those calls each carrier received and turned them in to the boss each week. I know there were carriers who were removed from their routes because of excessive failure to deliver. Due to the record keeping, the pattern for neglect of a customer was easy to spot over a month's time. The paper's ultimate responsibility was to the paying subscribers and we honored that. Without subscribers, there would be no need for paying advertisers and subsequently, no need for a newspaper. Subscribers are the life's blood of a newspaper.

Newspapers Are Struggling

Because of the increasing use of the internet online news in the past 20 years, newspapers are struggling to stay afloat. Many people prefer the computer to a morning paper. However, there are still people who do not use or have a computer. For these people, there's nothing like the smell of newsprint, the feel of the paper as they unfold it, and having morning coffee and breakfast while catching up on current events. Since I've always read the newspaper all my life, I still do this every morning and then head for my computer. It's the best of both worlds. You might like to subscribe to one of these newspapers below.