Thursday, December 4, 2014

Stephen King: "Revival" Book Review

Stephen King: "Revival" Book Review

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I'm a fan of Stephen King's writing. His dialogue between characters, though pungent at times, is unequaled in the casual, unselfconscious way people talk to each other. His books and stories just crackle with electricity, and the readability factor is higher than with any other writer I've ever read. I have never been disappointed in reading a Stephen King book...until.... "Revival," his latest tome.

It took forever to get to anything exciting. I was three-quarters of the way through the book, before anything happened that seemed of interest or out of the ordinary. 
The plot seemed tired and contrived to me. I got the feeling that he and Dean Koontz decided to try to best each other at writing a "Frankenstein-ian" story. If that was what writing "Revival" was all about, King lost the battle.

 Koontz put out a series of five books on this same theme that were riveting in their descriptions and plausibility. One of the shortest books of King's I've read, "Revival" ran to 403 pages, almost as though he wasn't interested in it either.

In his book "Stephen King: On Writing," he gives us some of the best breakdown of writing tips I've ever seen in any book about the craft. Too bad he didn't sit down and go through it first, before writing this new piece. Did he phone it in to his agent, or did someone else ghost write it for him? It hardly seemed like I was reading the Stephen King I've come to know down through the years.

My recommendation? Sorry to say, but here it is: