Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lighthouse Christmas Ornaments

Lighthouse Christmas Ornament

Photo Courtesy of Amazon: Christopher Radko
 Lighthouse Christmas Ornament

Lighthouse Christmas Ornaments For A Lighthouse Lover

As Christmas approaches, what do you get for your favorite lighthouse lover? Lighthouse Christmas ornaments, of course! Made by various artists and companies, lighthouse ornaments may be just the touch you or someone else needs for the tree this Christmas season. Since lighthouses are a favorite subject for artists, it stands to reason that many use them for Christmas Ornaments.

I like having ornaments with dates on them. It's kind of neat to reminisce over the ornaments and the year past, as you take them from their wrappings each year. Many of the past Hallmark series are still available.

Hallmark lighthouse Christmas ornaments are always colorful, lighted, and dated. They're collectibles for anyone, but most especially for those lighthouse aficionados. Hallmark is only one of many designers who offer lighthouses as tree ornaments, but they have a reputation for offering beautiful things at a reasonable price. After all, one of their mottoes is, "When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best."

Christopher Radko Lighthouse Ornaments

If you are into collecting special Christmas ornaments, they don't come any more special than Christopher Radko ornaments. The company makes beautiful hand-crafted lighthouse ornaments, as well as other ornaments. These are mouth-blown glass in the European tradition, delicate and unique.

How Radko Ornaments Began

It is said that Radko began his ornament business after a family Christmas tree crashed to the floor, breaking all the ornaments he loved from childhood. He began searching to replace them, but could not find the quality of glass ornaments he desired. Finally, he felt the only way he could replace his childhood ornaments was to have them made again, and he enlisted the help of a Polish glass blower. To this day, the ornaments are still produced in Europe by a team of artists and craftsmen. Each piece is hand-crafted using ancient carving, molding, glass blowing, silver lining, hand painting and finishing processes that require skill and time to complete.

Radko ornaments are costly.If you're thinking of purchasing Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments, be aware that they are expensive. These ornaments are collected by many celebrities and have decorated the White House and the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. But many collectors feel that for any lighthouse ornament collection to be complete, it should contain at least one Radko!