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Lenox Christmas Napkin Rings

Lenox Christmas or Holiday Napkin Rings

Lenox Christmas Napkin Rings
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These beautiful  Lenox Gold Holiday Ribbon Enameled Christmas Napkin Rings are a set of four, made from bone china, that will decorate your Christmas table beautifully. 
Even if you don't do a lot of decorating during the holidays, these napkin rings make your home jolly just by being on the table. Lenox is a well-established American company, making bone china of all kinds, including china place settings, serving dishes, platters and napkin rings.

What is Bone China and How Did It Come To Be? 

Here's a little information on the process and on Lenox. Bone china is a soft-paste porcelain composed of bone ash, feldspathic (made of or containing feldspar) material and kaolin. It has a high level of whiteness and translucency, and is chip resistant. Felspar is defined as:
Any of a group of abundant rock-forming minerals occurring in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks, and consisting of silicates of aluminum with potassium, sodium, calcium, and, rarely barium. About 60 percent of the earth's outer crust is composed of feldspar.

The first bone china was made by Thomas Frye in East London in 1748. His factory was located very close to the cattle markets and slaughterhouses of Essex, and hence easy access to animal bones. The product from that point was almost exclusively English. Once Josiah Spode further developed the process by 1793, china quickly became popular. 

It took the Lenox Company in America to begin to produce bone china before it finally became an American product. The company's been in business since 1889 and is today the only major manufacturer of bone china in the United States.

As an example of the early Lenox work, shown here is the a plate from the Woodrow Wilson White House China Service in the White House. 
It was the first ever manufactured in the United States. 

The Holly berry has long been a traditional symbol of the Christmas season. A set of four Lenox Holly Berry napkin rings make a lovely table display on Christmas or any Winter holiday. Amazon reviews rave about these napkin rings and I can certainly understand why. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other winter holiday, these are appropriately designed.

Lenox Holly Berry Napkin Rings
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These gorgeous Holiday Nouveau Dinner Napkin rings are also perfect for any holiday table. Holly grows in the winter, so it's appropriate for any wintertime dinner table.
Lenox Holiday Nouveau Napkin Rings
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Lenox Holiday China Napkin Rings
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These beautiful China napkin rings look lovely on any table. Each of the napkin rings on this page come in a set of four, so if you're expecting more guests, you'll need to order more sets. Oh, and one more set you need to check out:

 Lenox Holiday Napkin Rings
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